Gen2J Application Generator

Paul Boocock

Version 1.0 Preview


1. Introduction
What is Gen2J?
Why do I need Gen2J?
Gen2J - features at a glance
2. Getting Started
Obtaining Gen2J
System and software requirements
Environment variables
Command path
Running Gen2J
3. Creating the UML Model
What the model contains
Core business object classes
Auxiliary business object classes
Dependent value classes
Rules and restrictions
Core business object inheritance
What the model does not contain
Property get and set operations
Relationship manipulation operations
4. Structure of the generated application
Overall structure
Model classes
Value class
Descriptor class
Update class
Server subsystem
Entity layer
Session facade layer
Web client
Use case model layer
HTML View layer
Framework classes
5. Adding your own code to a Gen2J application
What you can do
How to add your code to the generated application
Code file format
Example code file
6. Gen2J Samples
7. How it works
Overall approach
View layer
Generation flow diagram
Technologies used
8. Licence
Ashridge Technologies Open Software Licence